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Used Koppens machinery and refurbished Koppens equipment can provide huge benefits for food manufacturers involved in further processing or value added food processing.


Models available - Crumbmaster, Easyflour, Optiflour, Combiflour, Ecobreader, Combicoater.

The full range of Koppens machinery provides the food industry processor with the option of installing just one Koppens machine to perform a specific function within a production line. Or, as is more common, invest in a complete food production line of used Koppens machinery to ensure fast, efficient production.

Boyd Food Machinery can supply complete lines of used Koppens machinery and also give advice as to which is the best model to suit your particular process or product.

Complete used Koppens lines provide optimum further processing efficiency and there are various possible combination options depending on the end product requirement. A full processing line could incorporate forming, predusting, enrobing or tempura dipping, coating in breadcrumbs and finally, frying.


Second hand Koppens machines can be supplied worldwide as is, fully rebuilt or reconditioned by specialist engineers employed by Boyd Food Machinery. View the current stock list of used Koppens machinery by clicking on any of the links below.

Bespoke forming plates for all Koppens formers can be manufactured to suit your individual requirements whether you are forming chicken nuggets, patties, burgers or other formed meat products, fish fingers, biscuits etc.


Models available - Optiair, Wetcoater, Opticoater, Tempudipper, Optidipper, Tempumixer.



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